About Tangguh Yachts


Started in 1990, Founder Daniel Tangguh wanted to expand and increase aknowledgement for the Yacht Industry in Indonesia.

His passion and love for boats, islands & sea activities was the starting engine for his business.

After introducing Australian made boats and Yachts into Indonesian waters in 1990 , he thus established a network which would benefit from his services, his passion, dedication and expertise in what he does best.

Since then Tangguh Yachts has come a long way to become what it is today. The leader and expert for Yacht & Boat sales in Indonesia. From the past 2 decades Tangguh Yachts has built a strong profile and has expanded from just a Yacht broker into a one stop shop for all Yachts & Boats necessities.

All our clients have seen the passion, skills, and most of all dedication that Tangguh Yachts has invested into them, and that is why Tangguh Yachts has established itself in Indonesia.

Daniel Tangguh

Founder – Tangguh Yachts

Tangguh Yachts is invited by TNI to attend the Coordinators Meeting for Clearance Approval in Indonesia  10 February 2015
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